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June 9

Portland Rose Parade

Portland Rose Parade

Every year, the Portland, Ore., community celebrates its rich heritage with an annual Rose Festival that culminates in a grand parade drawing thousands to the city.
This year marks the 100th year that the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade is taking to the streets. The event will be held Saturday, June 9, beginning 10 a.m. at the Memorial Coliseum.

Union Pacific is proud to celebrate with the Portland community in commemoration of its historical bond with the city and the railroad's 150th anniversary.

The railroad will feature a special section marking significant historical milestones, including its own 150 years of rail service. The legendary UP mini-train will transport Thelma Hollingsworth, the first elected Rose Festival Queen, in the parade. She will be accompanied by students from Agatha School in Portland.

This year's festival, themed  "Rock 'n' Roses,"  will include 14 floral covered floats, 18 marching bands, dancing groups and live acapella singing.

The parade is considered the "Crown Jewel" of the annual Rose Festival. It was canceled only six times over a 105-year period: Five times for wars and once for construction of the stadium.


Please note: The event schedule is subject to change. Union Pacific employees — be sure to check UPOnline for the calendar of employee-only events.