SISTER SWING Lynda Draper- Bruce Bolin

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SISTER SWING performs the remake of "Great Big Rollin' Railroad" written by Bruce Bolin produced by Lynda Draper


  • I think it's catchier then the original

    - Riley Florence a few years ago
  • excellent!!

    - Kathy DuVall a few years ago
  • Finalley someone who can carry a tune! Loved it and it's entertaining.

    - Linda Butler a few years ago
  • Fun, and awesome, nice job ladies, classy, and a sweet revert to the past........... best of luck!!!

    - Mark Britton a few years ago
  • Well Done, Good Luck.

    - Tim Schneider a few years ago
  • great job...more votes for this one!

    - Racheal Frederick a few years ago
  • If I say so myself, this is a very cool version of the UP150 campaign.the ladies look and sound stunning. It should be a winner.

    - Bruce Bolin a few years ago