Micah Bickham | Zach Hendricks

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Houston, TX

We Highlight the morning routine of a hardworking Union Pacific Employee in this short film.

Video: Directed and Edited by Micah Bickham
Audio: Arrangement and Recording by Zach Hendricks


  • Best video I've seen for a commercial.

    - Francisco Perales a few years ago
  • While the original add was unbelievably goofy and fun (omg, the BEEHIVES!) this one is a sharp but wonderful contrast. I cannot understand why exactly, but I find this version strongly and profoundly touching. It must be the combination of the subtle tones of the music, the strong but quiet pride of someone who is proud of his company and his job, and something on a level I can't quite fathom, but it literally brought a tear to my eye.

    - Pete Barrington a few years ago
  • Well done.

    - Joe Mulligan a few years ago
  • U did a very good job on ur video sir


    - Gabrielle Kirk a few years ago
  • Micah, hey, this is one of the more unique ones. I also noticed a much clearer video quality. I was wondering if there were some video compression issues on the site. Very nicely done. Kirk Productions (I will be posting one soon enough)

    - Eric Kirk a few years ago