Roland Curit

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Epping, NH

I call my genre percussive a cappella. I used green screening to place myself into the video. All instrumentation and vocals are mine. I did the audio mixing and post production as well.


  • I am so proud to know the one that did this.....great job Roland

    - Kathy Palmer a few years ago
  • I posted this on facebook, and e-mailed to more. Watched it a bunch of times again today! Great Job!!

    - Lynee Deml-Curit a few years ago
  • Great job!That was awesome!

    - Kathy Lucas a few years ago
  • Great job Roland!!!!

    - JoAnn Bedard a few years ago
  • We voted for you!! Love it, great job. Dad says it is super, keep up the good work!! Do some more!!!

    - Lynee Deml-Curit a few years ago
  • Great fun!!!!

    - Deborah Hoyt a few years ago
  • Good job, you guys. My little nephew loves trains and will enjoy seeing this video.

    - Stephanie N. a few years ago
  • Multi-talented! I don't even want to think about how long this whole video took to create! Great work. :)

    - Bobbi Berracah a few years ago
  • Great job, Bro!! Very talented guy! :) Good luck and love you lots!

    - Jessica Noiseux a few years ago
  • Nice Job Roland! I would expect nothing less!

    - Bruce Patenaude a few years ago
  • Great timing watched like 10 times showed a bunch of friends

    - Patrick Capri a few years ago
  • Good Job Roland. Do I have to pay for your autograph?

    - Randall T a few years ago
  • I love it! It's very fun to watch and listen to!

    - Rebecca Curit a few years ago
  • Incredible video!! Nice job!!!!!!!!

    - Betty Wilson a few years ago

    - Cindy Morse a few years ago