David Huante

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El Paso, Texas

"The Many Crafts at UP" Here are the unseen faces behind the UP. The Car Dept, Maintenance in the Way, Switchmen, Conductors, Yardmasters, Round house, maintaining the rails, fueling the trains....that keep Union Pacific a Great Big Rolling Railroad. Video by David Huante, Music by Victor Esparza (both UP employees). Voice by Saul Paredes


  • Great VIDEO! The workers are the heart of the railroad and this shows it.

    - Lucho Lucio a few years ago
  • Love your cover and behind the scenes video!

    - Jonathan Freiman a few years ago
  • Good job David and Victor. Remember us when you both become famous. Buy lots of UP stock and keep us going,,,,,,,

    - Frank Fuentes a few years ago
  • David good job, great commercial!

    - EDDIE RODRIGUEZ a few years ago
  • cool video

    - Hector Rodriguez a few years ago
  • David and Victor good job guys. You all should win.

    - Marco Perea a few years ago
  • David, awesome job. good luck

    - Frank Rojas a few years ago
  • Good job guys and good luck.

    - Ronald Huerta a few years ago
  • Hey! That's my eldest brother Louie in that commercial!! Luv the background music, the theme of it! Great commercial!!

    - Maria Salcedo a few years ago
  • Yes.

    - Daniel Amaya a few years ago
  • good video

    - Enrique Leon a few years ago
  • where's the other video david?? I already liked this video btw.

    - Tania H. a few years ago
  • David great job, you nailed it!!

    - Bonnie Esparza a few years ago