Ian Delaney & J.Michael Trautmann

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Los Angeles, CA

Our inspiration was to bring Union Pacific's strong brand from the commercial's origin in the 1970s through the decades and into the future.

Credits: Starring, Ian Delaney & J.Michael Trautmann; Cinematographer, Dan Rojas; Music, thatwasthen (Brenton Sinay, Nick Papageorge) and Bill Fries; Editor, Ian Delaney.


  • muy bien papis!

    - Anna Yosin a few years ago
  • I love this you two!! I keep playing it over and over again, I can't stop! Great song and your video is awesome!! Really great work!

    - Dian Carter a few years ago
  • Fantastisch!

    - Fabian Brille a few years ago
  • Thanks so much for all the love so far! We're really proud of our commercial, so let's keep clickin' that HEART!

    - Ian Delaney a few years ago
  • Nice Job!

    - John Trautman a few years ago
  • Great job, boys! Love you <3

    - Kristin Valentino a few years ago