Melanie Owen Padilla & Kyle Rasmussen

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Denver, CO

Song re-written and performed by Melanie Owen Padilla (vocals, ukulele, guitar & shaker), recorded by Kyle Rasmussen at Blue Tower Studios, Denver CO. Video footage taken in Denver, CO by Kyle Rasmussen & Melanie Owen Padilla, some stock footage used. Featuring Melanie Owen Padilla & Angus (pet use affidavit available on request).


  • A cute, fun minute :)

    - Louis Ruoti a few years ago
  • Awesome Job Melani and Kyle, et al. I hope you win. Your distant Canadian cousin - Debbi Lynn Salmonsen

    - Debbi lynn Salmonsen a few years ago
  • S W E E T ! ! !

    - Howard Sherman a few years ago
  • Great job. I vote yes, yes, yes!!!!

    - Pat Hiatt a few years ago
  • Hi Mel, What a great job you & Kyle did!!! Best rendition of any entry I heard! I really love the music & your singing...you go girl!!!!!

    - Mary Ann Davis a few years ago
  • I really liked the up tempo of the song with the mix of UP train shots and the performer. This was the most professional and appealing of the June entries.

    - AJ Kirkpatrick a few years ago

    - Connie S. a few years ago
  • Better than the original!

    - Linda Rasmussen a few years ago
  • GAWD, Mel!
    How could I NOT vote for yours. Not only are you a friend, but ya shot this literally in my BACK YARD. I noticed you 'customised' the UP Theme Song to fit Blues, and it's the BEST rendition I have ever heard! Perhaps THEY (Uncle Pete) will adopt it and retire the old cornball one.It's so singy songy it makes ya sick!
    When I say my "back yard" I mean it.I spent 31 years of my LIFE with UP. See them big ass diesels? I RAN 'em in the mountains, on the prairie, a little in California and Nebraska and let's not leave out Wyoming. I got to live my childhood dream doin that. What a mind blower to see ya strummin on top of the 49th Street viaduct! Been over a lot of those shots ya took. Great Vid! See ya soon! :-)

    - Rick Bevan a few years ago
  • Good job!

    - James Cloud a few years ago
  • Glad to give a giant thumbs up, Melanie, please check in when you're back on the Oregon Coast. I may have the Sunday jam up and running again . . .

    - LOZELLE JENNINGS a few years ago
  • Good stuff..

    - Larry McCreary a few years ago
  • Wonderful! I love the song and video!

    - Kim Leonard a few years ago
  • Great short video, good vocals Mel.

    - Elayne Glasser a few years ago
  • Woot woot!

    - Rachael Harrell a few years ago
  • Great Singin' & nice adaptation!

    - C Morgan a few years ago
  • Very well done piece! I am sure many folks will show this support by "liking" the video. Congrats!

    - Rocky Goat a few years ago
  • You can stop looking...this is it!
    Marcus Waterman

    - Marcus Waterman a few years ago
  • Love it.I think I'll hop a train and get outa here

    - Orvin B a few years ago
  • Wooohoooo! Awesome, Mel!

    - Tricia Stevens a few years ago
  • Excellent Mel!!! HooHooo...that great big rollin' railroad. Luv it!

    - Jaime Lujan a few years ago
  • Nice work! Keep on rollin'! /Uncle Craig

    - Craig Wiester a few years ago
  • very nice!!!!

    - Rich Buhrman a few years ago
  • Yeah, go Melanie!!!

    - Michelle Maxwell a few years ago
  • I'm an old train nut (not to be confused with being a trained nut), and this sort of thing is right up my alley. We live just a short distance from the Butte line from Pocatello.

    - Dick Crockford a few years ago
  • great video hun

    - Robert Woodall a few years ago
  • I smiled through that entire song!

    - Greg Tittle a few years ago
  • Awesome Melanie!

    - Jacki Lenear a few years ago
  • That's my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ Love it!!!!

    - Bill Owen a few years ago
  • Love it! My grandfather worked for Union Pacific out of North Platte. A big part of my childhood was around UP workers and the yards.

    - Annette Westerby a few years ago
  • Nice, very nice.

    - Brad Hicks a few years ago