Commercial Remake Entry

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A remake of the classic Union Pacific Commercial. We appreciate your support and thank you for your likes!


  • Cute.

    - Jerko Magellanes a few years ago
  • Goodluck!

    - Dieter Paul a few years ago
  • Nice railroad shirt Randel! Good luck from Detroit!

    - Dale Jones a few years ago
  • Didn't notice the background changing at the end of the video until I watched it a second time. Nice work Randel!

    - William Tomina a few years ago
  • Great vid Randel!! I love it! U HAVE to win the contest with this one! Good luck :)

    - Kimara Oku a few years ago
  • Nice one Ranel! Best of luck winning this contest!

    - Letian Chen a few years ago
  • Love your usage of technology!

    - Van Hong a few years ago
  • this video is so creative considering the resources provided. i love it! everyone should vote for this one.

    - Jessica Magallanes a few years ago