Silver Run

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Ontario, NY

We are the Silver Run Family Band.
We had fun recreating this classic Union Pacific Commercial with a bluegrass twist. We hope you enjoy it.
A special thanks to those who helped make this video possible.


  • This is great. We miss you all so much!!!

    - Heidi Kohls a few years ago
  • Nice Job!

    - Susan Richardson a few years ago
  • Nice, Emily, you've got talent.

    - Peju Bakrin a few years ago
  • Fantastic video! Loved the music and the footage. Great job!

    - Ari Silbermann a few years ago
  • Very talented!

    - Tammy Lindle a few years ago
  • Such a talented group, sure hope you win.

    - Connie Baker a few years ago
  • Shared this with facebook friends. Good luck!

    - Jean Mead a few years ago
  • I really enjoyed it. You did a great job!

    - Jean Mead a few years ago
  • Great video and great music! You should be very proud of it. Good luck to you!!

    - Rebecca Wareham a few years ago
  • Great job - so proud of you all! Have shared with fb and email friends. Good luck!

    - Debra Zumbrum a few years ago
  • Great video and great music!! You should be really proud of this. Good luck!!

    - Rebecca Wareham a few years ago
  • Great picking, guys! So proud of you!

    - Ben Proctor a few years ago
  • You guys did a great job!! This is my favorite video!!!! I hope you win... You deserve it!!!!!

    - Candy Rocks a few years ago
  • Great video! You guys are sure to win. ;)

    - Justin Proietti a few years ago
  • That's some mean pickin you're doing! Wow. :)

    - Lacy Lovett a few years ago
  • Great video!!!!! LOVE the music!!!!

    - Oreo Snuggles a few years ago