Barby Gale

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Pahrump, NV


  • not bad!

    - Myk Friedman a few years ago
  • I was looking for Nevada entries. Trying to get some young people in the community fired up. Good job even if it is a Santa Fe locomotive.

    - Laura Blaylock a few years ago
  • hello David Stanley...thank you for your kind comment!
    I heard about this contest on the news...so all I know about railroad is what I learned in school, and what I see on the history channel, and what I read on this website... :) As far as the Santa Fe locomotive, I was unaware there was any other railroad other than Union Pacific, and I looked up the image on the internet and now I see what you mean....

    I dressed up my character from what I thought a train conductor would look like...lol on the warbonnet....I have never known any railroad workers in person, or maybe I would have known better...

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend

    - Barby Gale a few years ago
  • I like it!!!

    - Sabrina Pachucki a few years ago
  • The old guy is a dead ringer of a dear departed SP engineer friend of mine, "Buck" Haynie. By the way, what's up with the Santa Fe locomotive lettered for UP???? Good video, despite the "Warbonnet" interloper.

    - David Stanley a few years ago
  • very good events you have grrrrrreat job.

    - EDWARD WILLIAMS a few years ago
  • Love the little jig that guy is performing

    - Clint Schelbitzki a few years ago
  • Good job Barby!

    - Michelle Olson a few years ago
  • Nice job, very well done.

    - JoAnne Graver a few years ago
  • Very cool I do like

    - Cheryl Fender a few years ago
  • nice job

    - Ruben Lopez a few years ago
  • Everybody like this!

    - William Gale a few years ago