Julianne Furey, Anjie Gagliani, & Michael Gagliani

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Omaha, NE

This tribute to Union Pacific was a fun family project for us, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it. From our family to the Union Pacific family - congratulations on 150 years!
Musical arrangement, piano, and lead vocals by Julianne Furey
Background vocals by Anjie Gagliani
Audio recording and video editing by Michael Gagliani


  • Thank you so much, everyone!! Your support and all of your wonderful comments are very much appreciated!!!! :)

    - Anjie Gagliani a few years ago
  • Needs more cow-bell !!!!!! EXCELLENT work you two ladies !!! Not bad Michael, but you need to sing more like a man !!! :)

    - Joe Proctor a few years ago
  • That was freakin awesome!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!

    - Sharon Sobolik a few years ago
  • Great job guys! I sure hope you win, you deserve it!

    - Michele Wise a few years ago
  • Awesome!

    - Bobbi Matyja a few years ago
  • Loved it ... just beautiful! Good luck to you.

    - Madolyn Frink a few years ago
  • Love it! Good job guys!!!

    - Katie Zahner a few years ago
  • Very nice!! Will share on my fb. Good luck!!

    - Lauralee Miller a few years ago
  • Thanks, everyone! We really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! :)

    - Anjie Gagliani a few years ago
  • Very cool Angie. I remember singing with you in choir back in the day.

    - Kelley D a few years ago
  • Color me impressed! Very nice job!

    - Michelle Keller a few years ago
  • Great job guys! Good luck!

    - Lindsay Prall a few years ago
  • Nice job!!!

    - Jodi Packett a few years ago
  • I love it!!! Anjie i didnt know that you sang!!!!

    - Beth Koborg a few years ago
  • Good job girls. You got my vote.Live on stage Sat. night at "The Tap" ?

    - Ric Adams a few years ago