Brian Rose and Josh Gumiela

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Kansas City, MO

A stop motion animated labor of love four months in the making, this film attempts to take the original song and its upbeat, positive message and transplant it into today's more uncertain times, to show how through goods times and not-so-good, Union Pacific has persevered, because UP remembers its heritage, while keeping an eye to the future. It endures!


  • Awesome! Maybe even better than my entry. :) Kudos!

    - Sammy Ensley a few years ago
  • Brian and Josh: this is flat-out really terrific. Simple, plaintive and quietly uhm, moving. The evidence of painstaking professionalism shines through. Well done!

    - Sean Condon a few years ago
  • Wonderful work!

    - Carly Timm a few years ago
  • That was pretty heartfelt. I really liked it.

    - Dennis Gali a few years ago