Jonathan Freiman

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Naples, FL

For the past 150 years and for generations to come, Jonathan (28), Landon (4), and Lily (2) pay tribute to the Union Pacific Railway, The Great Big Rolling Railroad, and the United States in their original remake of the classic commercial! Using only an ipad, their TV, sheet music, and stock video footage; they had a blast!


  • Love it ! Great job guys !

    - Crystal Bennington a few years ago
  • Way to "Rock The Railroad". Great job!

    - Genevieve Russell a few years ago
  • Absolutely adorable! Great work!

    - Amy Majszak a few years ago
  • SO cute!!!

    - Anna Kate a few years ago
  • Awesome video! I can't get this jingle out of my head, and I don't want to. Great job!

    - Robert Louis a few years ago
  • Absolutely hands down best video!! Love it!

    - Johnny Jones a few years ago
  • I love it!! So cute ;)

    - Nicole Lauer a few years ago
  • This is the best video hands down. Such an adorable all american family. What more could you ask for!?

    - Jordan Ashley a few years ago
  • Lovvvvve it! You guys r o c k the railroad!

    - Genevieve Russell a few years ago
  • Where's your beard? lol

    - George Bain a few years ago
  • Thank you so much the kids had a blast too! Just one vote for you Debbie, but Emily and Andrew and everyone else can!

    - Jonathan Freiman a few years ago
  • Hope this video wins!!! It should!!!!

    - Diane Chuha a few years ago
  • Great job.

    - Clyde R a few years ago
  • Love it!! Hope you win--can we vote more than once?

    - Debbie Blubaugh a few years ago
  • Just remember, you have to register your email to vote! You only get one. Thanks for the support

    - Terri Freiman a few years ago
  • Awesome!

    - Kathy Mitts a few years ago
  • This is really great! The all American Family!

    - Kelle Pluskota a few years ago
  • Hi, this is Allison from the UP FOREVER Family Band and I think you guys did a great job!!

    - Allison Vaughn a few years ago