Alicia Maruri

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Provo, Utah

We read the song origin and how it was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Golden Spike and wanted to include that element in our video. (The picture is in the public domain so there's no copy right issues). We wanted to stay true to the original tune but just give it a fresh new feel. Happy 150 Union Pacific!!


  • Thumbs up! hope you win :)

    - Pamela Mangum a few years ago
  • Nice.

    - Gustavo Maruri a few years ago
  • You are so talented Adrian!

    - Helen Reynolds a few years ago
  • This video is excelent and the song is beautiful

    - Jairo Diaz a few years ago
  • Hey amigos, votemos por este video, queremos que gane Adrian, me encanta el video y la musica. Compartan con sus amigos, si les gusta que voten por este video!!! Esta a nombre de Alicia, su esposa.

    - Patricia Salazar a few years ago
  • Hi I'm the guy in the video! Haha it was fun working on it. it Hope you like it!

    - Adrian Fernando a few years ago
  • This is amazing!!! I like it very much!!!

    - Patricia Salazar a few years ago
  • Very nicely done!

    - David Checketts a few years ago