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Lincoln, NE

It's just the beginning, as we see Union Pacific's most iconic and important dates of their 150 year history as the ink that Abraham Lincoln used to sign the Pacific Railway Act of 1862 helps us through UP's timeline of events.

Title: It's Just the Beginning
Music Genre - Other - Polka

All UP logos used in this video were acquired with permission from UP officials at HQ.


  • Master of your Craft. Congrats on a fantastic video!

    - Deb Hoover a few years ago
  • This is awesome! Great job.

    - Christopher John a few years ago
  • Awesome! Well planned out.

    - Christopher John a few years ago
  • Wonderful Video!

    - Amanda Dean a few years ago
  • Nice Job!!!!

    - Shelly DeBuhr a few years ago
  • I love the way you got so many people involved in this! Super job!

    - Donna Hoffmann a few years ago
  • Nice work

    - Sue Hoefener a few years ago
  • Great job! Polka and railroading is like peas and carrots!!!

    - Otis T a few years ago
  • WOW

    - Jane Pfeifer a few years ago
  • Nice job! Like that its everyday customers singing.

    - Kathy Hopkins a few years ago
  • Love it!!

    - Taura Horn a few years ago
  • Funny and historical. Very cute!!!

    - Taryn Tolliver a few years ago
  • A lot of love and hard work went into this video. I'm so happy it turned out great!

    - Megan McCollister a few years ago
  • yay, what a fun and factual commercial..... and love my boy...

    - Lyndsay Jo a few years ago
  • 150 years crammed into 60 seconds! Outstanding!

    - Myk Friedman a few years ago