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Ontario, CA

When I first learned of the contest to remake the classic commercial, as a rail advocate/artist and history lover, I thought I would like to give it a try. I had this specific concept in mind but didn't posses the skills required to make it happen. I decided to learn how to do 3D-modelling, rendering, and video production. The net result of my effort is this submission and I hope it portrays the profound respect and admiration that I have for the men and women of the UP throughout the last 150 years.


  • @Cindy Duncan - What a tremendous complement! Thank you for taking the time to see the video and, more importantly, letting me know your opinion. It made my day. :-)

    - Joe ChasingSteel.com a few years ago
  • Excellent! Makes me proud to be a UPRR employee.

    - Cindy Duncan a few years ago
  • great job joe. watching the video wanted to make me dance

    - Scott Diaz a few years ago
  • @David: Thanks for the complement! Glad the Cajon Pass Railfan Guide was able to assist you in gaining content. Great job on Judah's video.

    - Joe ChasingSteel.com a few years ago
  • this is great work!

    - Rose Ramirez a few years ago
  • Great video!!! It is an excellent interpretation of the GBRR commercial/song and great representation of UP branding. @Dave Rice Maybe you could swing some support over to Joe?

    - Chris Hokanson a few years ago
  • Nice Joe! My son Judah and I used your Cajon Pass guide a couple yard ago to capture some of the footage in his entry. Sorry you didn't get more votes. Maybe you'll check ours out and give us your support? Thanks!

    - David Rice a few years ago
  • I got chills! Great job, Joe! Obviously a lot of hard work went into this!

    - Beau Weber a few years ago
  • I love this commercial . I must have seen it 25 times now

    - Christine Daugherty a few years ago
  • This is an amazingly well put together video, I love it! Out of all the commercials I viewed, this is the best one! :)

    - Brooke Pinkowski a few years ago
  • Great Job Joe!!!

    - Gavril Lourie a few years ago
  • GREAT video love it!!! :)

    - Allison Vaughn a few years ago
  • Love, Love, Love this video.

    - Debra Ramirez a few years ago