Joseph Fontaine

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Hill AFB, Utah

The Union Pacific family is happy doing what it does best.


  • Very nicely done.

    - Eric Kirk a few years ago
  • Wow! New favorite video, good luck guys.

    - Henry Steuden a few years ago
  • Aside from the Village People flashback, I thought it was great!

    - Mike Larrabee a few years ago
  • This video looks a lot more professional than the others I've seen on this site.

    - Julian Pfister a few years ago
  • this video pulls at my heart strings! i love the union pacific!

    - Robynne Bladh a few years ago
  • I don't even know anything about the railroad, but now I want to

    - Benjamin Bladh a few years ago
  • Thumbs up for Vegas Guy and the dude in the hat!

    - Myk Friedman a few years ago