Eric Patrick

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Blue Springs, MO

A newly hired Union Pacific employee receives the anticipated call to begin his first day. His preparation is encouraged by two enthusiastic duettists who sing the classic track, "Great Big Rollin' Railroad."


  • Dave and I see an "Indian" film star in the making LOL

    - Nicole Harrison-Barnhart a few years ago
  • LOL! Love the clothes. Hope you win!!

    - Mary Tanner a few years ago
  • You know Cher taught him all he knows. he he

    - Leslie Hoffarth a few years ago
  • You two remind me of Sonny and Cher in their day - they used to do skits on their TV show. Great video. : )

    - Mary Herrera a few years ago
  • Love "Sony's moves"....hilarious

    - Anthea Veronie a few years ago