Susan Lary

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Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Performed by Susan Lary
Filmed and edited by Jeremy Thurman


  • When I first heard the Union Pacific jingle on one of their 1970's commercials around age 14--it changed my life! From then on, I carried that tune on my every breath, & in my heart, hoping for a way to make another commercial for Union Pacific, where I could be singing, & performing the jingle too!! For a long time it hadn't been aired on TV, & I always wondered "why?" I had a dream last year that "I was to write a song for Union Pacific"! I dreamed my tune, the lyrics & the fully orchestrated accompanyment too, & that "I'd be in a red sequined gown performing it", but, "along with other music, that inspired me too". I wrote my song, but haven't been given the chance to perform it yet, but I know I will! So, when I first heard of this contest on facebook, I knew I had to take my chance to perform the commercial singing & playing the original song that was in my heart from so long ago: "Great Big Rollin' Railroad". It's a catchy little tune, that sells it's product so perfectly, as everyone who's employed by them, ever worked for them, or wants to, along with the countless family's, & business's Union Pacific services, knows by now, that "We Can Handle It For You"! And We do! My Husband Tim is now a 34 year Hostler, a hard worker, very good at his craft, & I make his meals that start his Railroading days. So, come along with me, take a little ride, enjoy the trains, that my talented friend, & our church's videographer Jeremy Thurman, worked his "magic", making the Union Pacific come alive "running their rails" across my Great Room wall behind me & my baby grand piano! First using the downloaded sheet music, I sang acapello the lyrics in the Parlor room at church, where Jeremy filmed me in front of is green screen, on what was the ""hottest day of the summer so far at 108*, then at my home the next evening, where he filmed me singing, & recorded me playing my own piano accompanyment, but his recording equipment wasn't compatible with my electric piano. So, the next day over at my friend Patty's house, she recorded me singing to the downloaded Karaoke version on her computer, & downloaded it to Jeremy's computer, where he did all his mixing. In just 3 day's starting Wednesday June 27th, recording & filming to Friday night on the 29th, Jeremy toiled, then on Saturday night the 30th, "I Delivered It to Union Pacific", & now "I'm Deivering It" to You! Thankyou Union Pacific for making my dream come true, and..."Happy 150th Birthday!, too"! With Love, Susan

    - Susan Lary a few years ago
  • Susan, Great job! Your passion for the Railroad shines through. I'm honored to have such a talented friend =)

    - Lisa Britz a few years ago
  • Did good.

    - Helen Schneider a few years ago
  • Awesome!!! =)

    - Michael Schneider a few years ago
  • Showin' your talent -- way to go railroadin'!

    - Lou Hoerman a few years ago
  • It;s so amazing! great job!! :)

    - Ivy Wish a few years ago
  • She should win

    - Kris Collins a few years ago
  • She has got to be the next "Flo" for Union Pacific. She's got a great original look...and a voice to match!

    - Patty Armstrong a few years ago
  • Very good, Susan. I like the scenery and seeing you sing too. Good luck.

    - Mary Stahl a few years ago
  • Very good!! I like!!!

    - Fran Moore a few years ago
  • : )

    - Harvey Henkelmann a few years ago