Dayne Fay

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Cedar City, UT

A little boy plays with his Union Pacific model train set and waits for the big boys to roll by. Written by Dayne and Laci Fay. Little boy played by Conner Fay. Directed by Dayne Fay. Filmed footage on and near Union Pacific property by Daniel K Price. Union Pacific employee (ID # 0113745) with permission by Bill Oakden, Director of Track Maintenance Utah Service Unit. Song by Steven Swift. Edited by Jeff Sanders.


  • Great job on this video!

    - Anthony Callaway a few years ago
  • Fantastic video, this would make a great commercial. Boys and trains just go together. I love that the little boy's imagination come alive. It shows that first we dream it then we achieve it. Good job Conner!

    - Shauna Wayman a few years ago
  • Great video! Very commercial worthy. What a cute little actor! Really enjoyed this modern style interpretation.

    - Jess Price a few years ago