Jeff Sanders

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Cedar City, UT

A young woman awaits the arrival of her beloved railroad worker. Written by Laci Fay. Directed by Laci Fay. Young women played by Laci Fay. Railroad worker played by Dayne Fay. All footage filmed on or near Union Pacific property by Daniel K Price, Union Pacific Employee (ID # 0113745) with permission from Bill Oakden, Director of Track Maintenance Utah Service Unit. Song by Steven Swift. Edited by Jeff Sanders


  • I love your video. You are winners in our book.

    - Marolyn Mehr a few years ago
  • This was a good video. Great Job!

    - Marty McMerrick a few years ago
  • One of the best produced vids I have seen that are worthy of being a real commercial! No offense to anyone else!

    - Anthony Callaway a few years ago
  • I lke this video , nice color and landscape views and mellow,, grear rep of the UP

    - Dana Shields a few years ago
  • good job i am happy for you

    - Daniel Price a few years ago
  • Very Good

    - Jeff Phelps a few years ago
  • good job

    - Robert Maxwell a few years ago
  • Great Job!!

    - Ted Fruend a few years ago
  • A railroad romance!? Sweet!

    - Jess Price a few years ago

    - Newt Brown a few years ago
  • Aw that is so sweet Like it.!

    - Cindy Duncan a few years ago
  • Awesome!

    - Shaun Labrecque a few years ago