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Omaha, NE

To re-envision the original Union Pacific commercial, we started from scratch, using charcoal and old school animation to bring the history of Union Pacific to life. Along with visions of trains and expansive landscapes, we decided to update the original song to match the new look. Original music was arranged and performed by Brad Hoshaw and produced by Eli Mardock, taking a classic and make it new again. Enjoy.


  • Nice and well done

    - Dana Shields a few years ago
  • Awesome! I love it! Excellent work, I would love for this to represent Union Pacific!

    - Gayle Eacker a few years ago
  • Nice animation and the music is cool.

    - Fred Robertson a few years ago
  • Very nice!

    - Annie Anderson a few years ago
  • THIS IS SO COOL! You have my vote!

    - Eric Juszyk a few years ago
  • Looks distinctively different from the rest. I like the animation.

    - Steven Bross a few years ago
  • I love this video! Way to go guys, it looks and sounds amazing!

    - Elizabeth Lewis a few years ago
  • Great work as always! My nephews also give their thumbs up as well. I can confidently say that it plays well in the 5 and under set. :-) Good luck!

    - Jessica Gall a few years ago
  • Love this one! Such awesome art & a great rendition of the historic song!

    - Niki Jordan a few years ago
  • The original artwork is amazing! Good job on the whole thing guys!

    - Kaeli Mincey a few years ago