Mitchell Kowalewski

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Omaha, NE

Some of me earliest memories are from when my father took me down to the rail yard to watch locomotives shunt cars. To this day I still find entertainment in watching them and they have been a part of my hobby of photography. I am currently a sophomore at University of Nebraska at Omaha studying Civil Engineering. Even with my busy schedule, I still find time to go out and watch/photograph trains going by. The photographs in the video are from my personal collection along with a clip from the original commercial. I feel this add nostalgia tying back to UP's original promotion.


  • You are such a huge UP fan- this contest is perfect for you!

    - Kelly Morris a few years ago
  • Like it a lot!

    - Shelley Bragg a few years ago
  • Very nice! Keep up the good work - keep 'em rolling!

    - David Price a few years ago
  • love the snow scenes at the beginning!

    - Robin Moore a few years ago
  • awesome job!

    - Jde Actor a few years ago
  • This one gets my for for this month... Good Job !

    - Scott Rose a few years ago
  • Great job Mitch!!!!!!!!!!
    I like it so much!!!

    - Andrea Immy a few years ago
  • Excellent video especially like the pic of the 844 & challenger.

    - Ethan Crawley a few years ago
  • I love it! Links history with modern UP progress! GO UP the oldest continual Railroad!

    - George Poulos a few years ago
  • Great shots, and catchy ol' tune!..:)

    - Joshua Hart a few years ago
  • Nice job, Mitch. I'm a retired Delaware and Hudson Railway employee with 41 years of service as a clerk, and a railfan. Good luck!

    - Michael Eggleston a few years ago
  • Great stuff. I enjoyed it.

    - Lyle Brown a few years ago
  • DA supports Mitch- Thanks so much!

    - Sandi Howell a few years ago
  • nice job

    - Beth Matschullat a few years ago
  • Janetta votes YES for Mitch!

    - J Guida a few years ago
  • UNO supports you!

    - Kandelyn Scott a few years ago
  • GO Mitch! UNO votes yes

    - S Davis a few years ago
  • UNO supports you!

    - Nichole Ness a few years ago
  • After reviewing them all; I must say, I like this one the best. Very nicely done. Good Luck to you!

    - Omaha Student a few years ago
  • Great Job! I remember the song too.

    - Linda Riviera a few years ago
  • Very creative, Mitchell -- fun to watch

    - Cathleen Hamilton a few years ago
  • Nice, enjoyed the photos

    - Russell Lewis a few years ago
  • I totally remember this commercial Love it! Well done!

    - Liz Culver a few years ago
  • Good luck Mitchell, what a gitchy song, I remember that add, it took me back!

    - Julie Sell-Osnes a few years ago
  • Great job!

    - Michele Michaelsen a few years ago
  • Great video, very well done ! Enjoyed every second of it

    - Kim Kowalewski a few years ago
  • Awesome photos!

    - Jody Finney a few years ago
  • I remember this song! Nice to see it again with your great photos.

    - Judy Koenig a few years ago
  • Very catchy -love the music and photos!

    - Dionne Hills a few years ago
  • NICE! Great photos, really enjoyed watching it!

    - Charlie Howell a few years ago
  • Nice photos! The music and ending reminds me watching it when I was young!

    - Chris Leland a few years ago
  • Nice photos Mitch! Really enjoyed watching it.

    - Pam Pries a few years ago
  • Really like the video Mitch, very creative!

    - Tom Day a few years ago
  • Thanks for voting by clicking on the LIKE button. Appreciate it!

    - Sandi Howell a few years ago