Emily Grumke

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Odessa, MO

Here is our version of the Union Pacific Railroad commercial. The music was sung and played by Kyle Grumke, Emily Grumke, and Amanda Grumke. The train that was used was about a 2 inch model train that we borrowed from Charlie Post from the Show Me Model R.R. Company


  • Hope you win.

    - Garnet Rose a few years ago
  • Cool vid.

    - Tracy Glenn a few years ago
  • goog job

    - Terry Likley a few years ago
  • Very good and creative! Good Singing Voice, Emily!

    - Stephen Hinkle a few years ago
  • This is definitely my vote!

    - Dana Sowerby a few years ago
  • Very talented group!!! You got my vote.

    - John O'Hara a few years ago