William Scherer

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Foothill Ranch, California

A guy who looks and sounds a lot like a specific movie character auditions to be the host for a UP commercial.


  • Very original...was laughing out loud.

    - John Mitchell a few years ago
  • Dynamite!

    - Elizabeth Bracy a few years ago
  • Dang it! Funny!

    - Robin Moore a few years ago
  • oh what!?! that was the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man haha loved it

    - Christina Starr a few years ago
  • I loved this and voted for you, now give me your totts, ...pretty much the best food ever!

    - Craig Campbell a few years ago
  • You did an AWESOME job with this video! Your impersonation of ND is right on! I've watched it like 10 times and still laugh every time. Great job!

    - Jeffrey Miller a few years ago
  • Just tell them that their wildest dreams will come true if they vote for you.

    - Stacie Garcia a few years ago
  • This is pretty much the best video ever made...gosh!

    - Eduwiges Avey a few years ago
  • Great job!! Excellent production and impersonation. Shame if he's not gotten paid fees for licensing rights from Napoleon Pictures, otherwise it's all moot. But nice job!

    - David VonderBurg a few years ago
  • Genius!

    - Karen Belair a few years ago
  • That was awesome!!!

    - Aaron Cole a few years ago
  • I swore I was watching Napolean Dynomite! This is an amazing personation!

    - Jennifer Sedlacek a few years ago
  • Very creative.

    - Kay Ward a few years ago
  • Hilarious! Love those dance moves.........

    - Rick Rivera a few years ago
  • Oh, Billy! You never cease to make me smile!

    - Tina Ganyo a few years ago
  • Great Job! only one I watched to the end

    - Olivia Gutierrez-Kauls a few years ago
  • Made me laugh! Good job.

    - Len Lapinskas a few years ago
  • Go Billy!

    - Daniel Hughes a few years ago
  • .Simple but good.

    - Cynthia Gwyn a few years ago
  • Good job! I like this one!

    - Kaylah Bell a few years ago
  • Very funny! Yes, yes, yes!!!

    - Cindy Ramirez a few years ago
  • Bahahaha YES!

    - Charles Randolph a few years ago
  • You're amazing!!
    'nuf said.

    - Amy Ramirez a few years ago
  • ahhhhh yessh, amazing!

    - Mason Yang a few years ago
  • Haha yessss. :)

    - Rebecca Danielle a few years ago
  • Perhaps the most creative piece of footage I've ever seen. Scripted,edited to perfection. The acting is spot on. I wish more of those seeing this clip understood the signifcance of the Napolean Dynomite doopleganger displaying his talent. Awesome job. It probably won't stand a chance, but to those who put forth the effort, I thank you. Brilliant adaptation !

    - Oscar Mayfield a few years ago