Sammy Ensley

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Blairsville, Georgia

I wrote, performed and produced this all by myself (except for the lyrics of course). Good looking band ey? :) Thanks for your time and consideration!


  • Thanks David!

    - Sammy Ensley a few years ago
  • of all the videos I still think this song adaption beats em all!

    - David Brooks a few years ago
  • It's not really the original tune, but it's cool....

    - Olivia Bicknell a few years ago
  • You guys did a great job with this! Especially the synchronized video in the background. Nice work!

    - Jeffrey Miller a few years ago
  • This rocks! You guys must must make Saturday nights unreal in your town!

    - Bob O'Donnell a few years ago
  • This is just the best!

    - Virginia Teed a few years ago
  • I've seen them play and not only are they talented, they're smart, funny and great entertainers. They get my vote.

    - Carroll M Wilson a few years ago
  • i absolutely LOVE this adaptation of the Great Big Rolling Railroad!!!

    - Lois Rouse a few years ago
  • Pretty much the best adaptation to the song I've heard of all the videos yet uploaded. Great Job! Took half a minute for me to realize the band was all one person. You could definitely use some major help in the production value of this vid – but obviously you are a musician and not a video guy. You know according to the rules you can submit like 5 entries – I suggest getting together with a guy that can add some production value and resubmitting.

    - David Brooks a few years ago
  • It's an Ensley Explooooooosion! Possible band names: Pocket Full of Ensley, 5 Degrees of Sammy, Keep it in the Samily, Sam I Am (or, modified, Sammy I Am-my), Five Knuckle Shuffle, Curb Stomp, Radical Samford, Duplisammity, InSamity, Dreamland

    - Michael Miracle a few years ago
  • Sammy is so incredibly talented...

    - Monica Anthony a few years ago