Marcus West

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Savannah, Georgia

The audio in this video was produced by me Marcus West
and the video was all filmed and edited by my 17 yrs old brother Myron West
thanks for watching and please enjoy


  • i really liked this video! keep up the good work (:

    - Aniah Perfectly'Imperfect a few years ago
  • Totally awesome point guard !

    - Adreen Gordon a few years ago
  • good job!

    - AYSIA SNAPE a few years ago
  • Good job lil homey!

    - Karam Tascoe a few years ago
  • Go Marcus! You make Savannah proud!!!!

    - June Erlandson a few years ago
  • VERY TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up you will go very far...keep your mind and heart open and you will do amazing things! :) good luck.

    - Francis Ann Thomas a few years ago
  • You got my vote homie...

    - Aaron "A.T." Thomas a few years ago