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Boise Awarded Membership in Union Pacific's Train Town USA Registry

Boise, Idaho, has been awarded membership in Union Pacific's Train Town USA Registry as part of the railroad's year-long 150th anniversary celebration. City and state officials in Boise received an official Train Town USA resolution signed by Union Pacific Chairman Jim Young today, making Pocatello an official part of Union Pacific's 150th anniversary celebration across its 23-state network.

"Boise and the 'gem state' have been an integral part of the history of Union Pacific in the West," said Dan Harbeke, Union Pacific director - public affairs for Idaho. "And the future of this state and Union Pacific look even brighter as we continue working together to build America."

The presentation was made at the historic Union Pacific Depot in Boise, a fitting tribute to the historic importance of railroads in the city of Boise and the Western Idaho region. With nearly 1,000 employees and more than 800 miles of track in Idaho, Union Pacific has a substantial presence in the state today that builds upon the strengths of the past.