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Arlington Heights, Ill., Awarded Membership in Union Pacific's Train Town USA Registry

Arlington Heights, Ill., has been awarded a membership in Union Pacific's Train Town USA Registry as part of the railroad's year-long 150th anniversary celebration.

Arlington Heights received an official Train Town USA resolution signed by Union Pacific Chairman Jim Young, and Arlington Heights' historical connection with Union Pacific will be featured at

"We are proud to recognize Arlington Heights as we commemorate our railroad's sesquicentennial celebration and growing up together," said Adrian Guerrero, Union Pacific director - Public Affairs for Illinois.   "Union Pacific has been part of the country's fabric throughout the railroad's 150-year history.  That bond between us and the nearly 7,300 communities we serve continues to strengthen.

"Our shared heritage with Arlington Heights is a source of pride as we remember our past while serving and connecting our nation for years to come."

The railroad was the lifeline that started the Village of Arlington Heights. The community's founders, in the 1800s, sold land that would ensure that the railroad ran through the heart of the Village.

The local economy boomed along with the growth of the railroad. Downtown Arlington Heights, the center of the community, still serves as a community gathering place much as it did in the 1800s. The train depot that is a proud landmark of Arlington Heights is located near where the original depot was built.

Train service began through Arlington Heights with the completion of the rail line in 1854 by the Illinois & Wisconsin Railway, predecessor of the Chicago & North Western Railway (C&NW).  A second main line was constructed in 1898 – 1899.  Union Pacific merged with the C&NW 1995.