Big Boy Locomotives Steam in Denver, Colorado

by Wes Haas

My dad had fired a Big Boy Steam Locomotive from Laramie, Wyo., to Denver, Colo. He arrived home to my mother and me, and told the story to my mom. She said, "Take me back to the roundhouse to see this huge locomotive."

We loaded in our car and proceeded to the roundhouse, and as we arrived I could see this huge mechanical wonder setting under the Denver coal shute. My dad said, "Son, come with me."

We climbed to the cab and I looked out the engineer side window to the front, and all I could see was the longest boiler, steam wafting about the locomotive as she waited to take a train back north. He said, "Blow the whistle!"

O my what a sound that was. I will never forget.

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Steam Trains, Family, Working at UP
Denver, CO
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  • Great story!

    - Austin Mace a few years ago