UP Changed My World and Maybe Yours

by Rosa La Puente-Flowers

I did not grow up around a railroad, have no family ties and didn’t even know anybody that worked on the railroad.  I grew up in Peru and came to the US as a foreign exchange student in Treynor, Iowa.  I attended college at Graceland University and graduated with a dual Master's from Creighton.  My parents provided for school until they could no longer afford to in my last year of graduate school.  In my last year of school, to my surprise, I received a call from Creighton admin officials saying that I had been selected to receive a scholarship from Union Pacific Railroad. I was excited and I knew working for a graduate teacher would not cover all of the expenses.
I met some great people in graduate school who encouraged me to apply for the railroad, so when it came close to graduation time, I had to look and see who this railroad was that had asked nothing of me when given this money.  Since 1999, I have worked for the largest railroad in North America and they continue to be great to me.  Not only have I grown career-wise, but as a person and a leader.  Union Pacific has helped me develop and shape myself into a better community contributor.
Over the years, I have represented my company at many events:  Top 50 Latinas to work for in the US, attended as Supply representative for the Employee Club and carried the Olympic torch.  As if that weren’t enough, I also was recognized as a Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever for Top 500 companies in the US.  I have proudly been one of the founders and acted as President of the Latino Employee Network, who had their first-ever conference last year.
If somebody in college would have told me that through my daily work I can change the world around me and positively impact people at work, I am not sure if I would have believed them.

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Omaha, NE
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