Cliff Guild, Retired After 40 Years Service

by Cliff Guild

My Grandfather, Morris Marlow, also worked for Union Pacific back in the 1950s. I started working on the Railroad October 28, 1969, in the Communications Department, as a ground man installing microwave sites. I was offered a job in Omaha, Neb., at the Communication's shop at 204 No.12th Street - the old Baker's Building - there is a city parking lot at this location now.

The shop moved to the Ice House in March 1976. We worked in a warehouse at benches doing our repairs. The first nine years, I spent as a laborer in an excepted position. I was again promoted to ground man in the union. The Railroad first merged with The Missouri Pacific, Central Pacific & Western Pacific. The company later merged with Katy, and the last merger was Southern Pacific & Chicago Northwestern. The shop became a central repair facility in 1988 and is still going strong today.

I have seen many changes in my lifetime, the biggest was computers and cell phones. The Union Pacific Railroad is a great place to work. I enjoyed all my time there.

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Family, Working at UP
Omaha, NE
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