The railroad has fed me my whole life

by James Galloway

My Dad hired on with Southern Pacific in October 1972 as a sheetmetal worker. I was born in August 1975. The summer right before my senior year of high school started, we were transferred to Denver, Colo. In August of 1995, I started my career with Southern Pacific. He and I both then transferred to North Little Rock, Ark., with Union Pacific. I now have children of my own that I am providing for.

You see, the railroad has fed me my whole life. Because of my father's career on the railroad, I have had food, shelter and clothing. This great company is still providing me this. And it is also doing the same for my children and hopefully for my children's children, ten generations to come.

Thank you Dad, and thank you Union Pacific.

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Family, Love, Working at UP
North Little Rock, AR
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