John Kenefick Before UPRR

by Ralph Schiring

John Kenefick Before UPRR

New York Central rising star John Kenefick looking over the yards on the west side of Manhatten.

Mr, John Kenefick and I were telephone friends. Mr. Kenefick was the last vice president of the New York Central System (1968). I was the last New York Central Trainman to leave the Cleveland, Ohio, terminal in 2009 dating all the way back to 1935. At that time I had 50 1/2 years as a conductor/engineer. There are 45,000 UTU members in the US, only 17 of us had 50 or more years of service.

Mr. Kenefick always asked me to come and see him, and I am sorry I did not. Why do people do this when it's too late? I spoke with his wife in the spring of 2011, but he was too ill to talk with me. I was shocked to read that he died shortly thereafter.

Thanks for listening.

Ray Bottles
(as told to Ray's friend, Ralph Schiring)

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