UP 2516

by Bill Briggs

  • UP 2516

    Caboose 2516 in 1952

  • UP 2516

    Caboose 2516 in 2012

  • UP 2516

    UP 2516 reporting marks with 'condemned' stencil

This is a story about a part of UP's past. It is a caboose, UP2516 - a class 'CA,' the first of the Standard Design cars, and was built for Union Pacific by the Standard Car Company in 1913. It was retired in 1947 and sold to my grandfather here in Cheyenne. He used it for storage until one of his sons got married in July 1948 and needed a place to live. (This couple would be my mother and father about eight years later.) They cleaned out the caboose and lived in it on a tract of land east of Cheyenne until they were able to finish building a house nearby in 1953. I still live in that house.

The caboose was donated to the Cheyenne Depot Museum in 2010, and funds were raised to build a frame so it could be moved. This was realized on February 22, 2012. It is hoped to get donations enough to get the caboose at least partially restored in time for Depot Days in 2013, the car's 100th anniversary.

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