Family of Rails

by Michael Moe

Family of Rails

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My grandfather started working for the Western Pacific as a construction foreman building the tunnels through the Feather River Canyon. My father and uncle started in train service for the WP in 1919 & 1920. I started as a brakeman in 1959 for the WP. My son started as in train service for the UP in 1998 and works out of Reno, Nev.

The Railroad has been very good to all of my family. We all worked in both freight and passenger except for my son, he works only freight. It was a great career for my family and we all loved railroading. Combined, my family has more than 150 years of service between the WP and the UP. It has been a great life for us and our families.
Michael (Moe) Thomas

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Family, Working at UP
Salt Lake City, UT-Reno, NV
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