Lost Family Ties Found

by Dianna Schoening

I'm a transportation supervisor for Union Pacific out of Bill, Wyo. I knew that my grandfathers, four uncles, my father and step-father all worked for the Santa Fe. But, what got my curiosity sparked was picking up the phone at work one day and finding out that the BNSF Coal Line Dispatcher in Fort Worth, Texas, I had been speaking to, was my cousin Jody Bas.

I guess I felt a little homesick. So, I began researching our family history and speaking to other family members and found that my Great Uncle Cecil worked for Union Pacific out of Roseville, Calif. My Great-Great Grandfather Steven Glasgo, had delivered railroad ties from his homestead in Washington to the railroads. What was more surprising to me is that my cousin Cathy Gregg, who I have not seen since we where children, has been working for the Union Pacific Railroad in Roseville, Calif, along with her husband!

I guess I don’t feel so homesick after all, and to find that the railroad has kept our family together for a very long time.

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Douglas, WY
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