Railroad Brat

by Vicky Vickers

My Great Grandfather, John W. Hamilton was a switchman for the MOP in 1900 and lived in Thebes, (Alexander County), Ill. By 1910 he was a conductor and living in Cape Girardeau, (Cape Girardeau County), Mo.. In 1911 the railroad moved him and his family to Dupo, (St. Clair County), Ill., and this is where they stayed the rest of their lives.

John W's son, John Hamilton, Jr., his son-in-law, (my Grandfather), Thomas Arthur Vickers, and two great grandchildren all worked for the MOP/UP. John W's grandson, William Vickers, Sr., worked for the Alton & Southern. My husband Ronald Parrin, Sr. worked for the MOP/UP for 32 years and just retired on Feb.15 this year.

So, as you can see I come from a long line of railroaders and am proud of this fact!!!!!

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Family, Working at UP
Dupo, IL
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