Signal Inspector

by Joe Robinson

My grandfather, Elvis P. Robinson, was a bridgetender on the railroad (Cotton Belt). My father then started with the Cotton Belt after leaving the Navy after the Korean War 1952. He worked in the Signal Dept. He became the first Signal Technician on the Cotton Belt.

I was raised around the railroad. Dad would say, "This is my boy. He is gonna work here some day." My father had cancer and died in 1973. I was 15 at the time of his death, and my mother and I lived off of his benefits.

I was going to electronics school in 1977 after graduating high school, and I went to the railroad in Pine Bluff, Ark. I spoke with K.J.Green signal superintendent at the time, and told him how my father said I would work for the railroad. I filled out application and got the call a month later and started my career 6/07/77.

I now am Signal Inspector in Tyler,Texas. I've worked Akansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Texas. I love the railroad and people I've met along the way .I have an uncle that retired on the MOP, James Torres. I also have a cousin, Dru Wureth, that works out of Omaha.

Thank you for this site. -- Joe Robinson

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Family, Working at UP
Tyler, TX
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