by Carol Child

Bill Bonham was a brakeman, a railroad man was he.
He loved the trrains, he loved his run, he loved the old U.P.

He hired out as a young man while he was in his prime.
It was in the depression when he didn't have a dime.

He'd wait for the phone to ring, sometimes it took awhile,
Then at last his call would come and he'd go out with a smile.

Engineers and fireman, conductors, porters, too,
These were his best friends and they were all true blue.

Green River Wyoming heading east his train did go.
Then heading west home again through heat, wind, rain and snow.

But, weather didn't bother dad, didn't bother him you see,
Because he was a traiman working on the good old U.P.

He worked and loved his job until retirement came.
He left with a tear some sadness, but, honor to his name.

He was commended and awarded for a job well done.
But, to dad more than a job it was just a lot of fun.

You can have your fast cars, your ships and fancy planes.
When I'm given the choice I'll always ride the trains.

Now when I hear a whistle blowin and a train coming around the bend,
You know I'm thinking of my dad until the very end.

Yes, Bill Bonham was a railroad man, about this he couldn't have lied.
Bill Bonham was a railroad man until the day he died.

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Ogden, UT
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  • Loved it !!

    - Carol Child a few years ago