Theodore Roosevelt Stops In Eugene City

by Steve Coady

After regretting his promise not to run for a second term and having a falling out with old friend Pres. Taft, Theodore Roosevelt decided to run again for president. His Republican Party did not want him and Woodrow Wilson already was set for the Democrats. Roosevelt decided to run on the Progressive ticket.

The big convention in 1911 was set for Portland, Ore., and Theodore Roosevelt made many stops along the way to the convention, one of those being in Eugene City. Union Pacific was on its third station at the time.

The current station was built in 1914, I believe, and is of very quality architecture. Roosevelt spoke for about an hour to a large, enthusiastic crowd of people. Just up from the UP train station is a historical Victorian house that still stands at 303 Willamette Street. Theodore Roosevelt hadn't named his party "The Bull Moose Party" until after an assassination attempt on his life - "it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose," (after the convention).

Union Pacific has provided more than a century of service to the agriculture and industry of Eugene.

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