by Jerome Chartrand

I started work on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, St Louis, Mo., in June 1956, in the Car Accounting department. I worked for many years there, as office boy, claims clerk etc.

Then, I got a job in Operating, handling per diem claims, then special equipment (covered hoppers) for a long period of time. Eventually, my work involved handling and distributing multi-level equipment under the leadership of Mrs. Mary Ann Todt. Unfortunately, the department moved from St. Louis to Omaha, and I was unable to follow the work, as I was taking care of my mother at that time, here in St Louis.

I exercised my rights and returned to Car Accounting, which still was in St Louis, doing special duties, then moved to Customer Service, handling the company equipment and material, under the supervision of Mr. Steve Rost. He also was over the coal trains, but I worked very hard to get the clerks that worked for me to work with me to make the Co-Material department a special department.

I retired in June 1996, with a buy-out after 42 years in the railroad business, and enjoyed it very much. I made a good living with Missouri Pacific Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad and many mergers.

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Working at UP
St Louis, MO
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