Tribute to My Father

by Larry Nave

My father Louis "Eddie" Nave, started working for the Union Pacific Railroad in 1950 in Las Vegas, Nev., running from Las Vegas to Yermo,Calf. He was employed with them for 30 years as a switchman, then as a brakeman. In the 30 years he worked for UP, he never missed a day of work - even if he was ill or injured. He loved his job.

When he retired in 1980, many of his fellow employees signed his retirement letter, which we still have to this day. The UP was his life, he was so devoted to his job no matter where he was. He was very involved in the UTU also, serving in many positions with in the Union. He and my mother Gwen Nave, loved going to the meetings and group events held. My mother served in many positions in the Ladies Auxillary for many years.

I also worked for UP as a fireman for a short time after my service in the US Army.

My father passed away in 1990 and my mother in 1993. Even up to their deaths, they were people true to the Union Pacific.

In Loving Memory,
Larry E Nave

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Family, Love, Working at UP
Las Vegas, NV
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