Building America

by William Woodward

“Building America”

Just like in the tale of John Henry’s Race
This railroad continues to change its pace

Gone are the men who tunneled the Moffat
Today we strive for safety, velocity and profit

Memories are the wig wag and Kate Shelley’s Bridge
But the whistle still howls from the valley to the ridge

Diesel has replaced coal to move the trains
Still the spike and maul remain

The rails of steel have seen a lot of change
Even though they cross the same old range

Mr. Lincoln forever changed our nation
When he unleashed the iron horse upon all of creation

Now one hundred and fifty years have passed
Who could have known our country would grow so fast

There have been many names but this is of one in specific
We are still “Building America” on the Union Pacific

W.T. Woodward
Signal Inspector
Signal Const. North

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Princeton, MO
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  • Wondeful wunerful!My speling-"not, so"!Your poetry-"more, so"!!!

    - Susan Lary a few years ago
  • "Poetry, "in motion-emotion-locomotion"--literally"!!!

    - Susan Lary a few years ago