Strong Ties to UPRR

by Cameron Billingsley

  • Strong Ties to UPRR

    Three of four generations: (L to R): Cameron Billingsley, Candace Billingsley, Charlie Cogburn, and Charles Billingsley

  • Strong Ties to UPRR

    Merry Christmas from the Billingsleys! Taken in the lobby of UP Center in 2010, mother and son: Candace Billingsley and Cameron Billingsley.

My name is Cameron Billingsley and I am a fourth generation railroader. My great great grandfather, Arthur Billingsley worked as an engineer with the Kansas City Southern railroad, and his route was between DeQueen, Ark., and Kansas City, Kan. I even heard from my Granny that he once was hijacked en route. This blew me away, considering how much freight we move today. Then I realized the industry has changed quite a bit in the last 150 years!

My granddad Charles Billingsley came to Union Pacific in 1969 and retired from the Finance department in 1996. My mother, Candace Billingsley, began working at Union Pacific in 1999 in the HR department and now works in Supply.

I have wanted to work at Union Pacific since I was 11 years old. In fact, if you would have asked me want I wanted to be when I grew up I would have told you, "I want to be an Internal Corporate Auditor at Union Pacific!”

I started my career in the Finance group at UPDS in 2010, and currently provide Logistics support for the One-Plus Program at UPDS.

Union Pacific Railroad is a part of my family. When I was two years old, my father passed away due to illness, and my mother was in a very difficult position. The Audit Staff at Union Pacific started a collection to go toward my college savings. It was a much appreciated kindness that helped to ease the burden for a single mother. The caring culture of this company has always been something that I greatly admire.

To say I was raised to be a Union Pacific fan would be putting it mildly. Every time I see a Union Pacific train pass by, I still feel that rush of excitement and joy that I did as a kid; that has not, and will never, change! I suppose the only difference now is, I can bore all my friends by spouting off facts about the rail cars we are driving by on the road.

I feel a tremendous amount of pride working for this company and consider it an honor to come to work every day and help ensure a better and brighter future for not just UP employees, but all the lives that it touches. It has certainly touched mine!

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