No. 8444

by Ann Olberding

No. 8444

My special lady

It was the first Railroad Day celebration Topeka had, I can't remember the year exactly. But I do remember the event like it was yesterday. Standing by the tracks with excitement building, the electricity was great. I had never seen a steam engine that big. All of a sudden off in the distance, the first sound of the steam whistle coming from the west. As it neared the platform you could feel the excitement.

All of a sudden, she was there. In a mass of steam it rolled in. Then, from the east, the newest diesel came pulling up. Well, when they met, it was special.

The new saluted the old and the old returned the salute. The two together was magical. I shall never forget it. I have seen No. 844 many times since, but none will ever be as special as that first time. It was love at first sight.

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Steam Trains, Historical Events, Love
Topeka, KS
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