An adventure by chance...

by Shannon Oakley

An adventure by chance...

What an adventure, we were visiting my mother and were on our way to church. At church, they said a steam train is coming to town. We were standing outside church when No. 844 arrived. The preacher said, "Go see the train." And we did. Then, we chased the train to Trinidad and on the way, hooked up with some pro train chasers who led us on a most amazing two-day trip of a lifetime! We first chased the train on Nov. 4, 2012, and then on Nov. 5, we were able to take a ride from Walsenburg, Colo., to our hometown of Pueblo. The most amazing two days we've ever had!!! Thank you UP!!! : ) Shannon & Mishelle & Grandma

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Steam Trains, Family
Branson, CO
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