Who would have thought

by Kim Goodstein

When I was 10 years old, I use to sit on the wall at the back of my house with my friends, and wait for the train, just so he would sound the horn. Back then, we used to put pennies on the rail and wait for them to get smashed! I lived in Whittier at the time and the tracks went right behind our house. We often got on the empty boxcars and used to pretend that we were going to see America, until our mom caught us : (

Well, 35 years later, my mom laughed when I told her I was working for the railroad and we laughed about the Boxcar Willie thing. My mom passed away a week before I received my RCO Engineers License, but I am sure she is really proud that I'm an employee and not a hobo riding the rail.

This one's for you mom.

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Bloomington, CA
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