Kearney, Nebraska

by Larry Ackerman

My family and I moved to Kearney, Neb., in November 1966. My dad was the local agent for the Railway Express Agency there. His office was located near the main line of the Union Pacific on Central Ave, and it was a great time to watch trains. At that time, the Union Pacific was using a lot of big power. I remember the big GE Turbines when they would race through town, and the power from other railroads as they came through -- Pennsy, Norfolk, CB&Q, Rock Island -- were seen coming into town all the time.

The passenger trains were what I remember most. Trains 5 and 6, the California mail trains with E9s, and E8s with B units. But I would time my early morning paper route to be at the 5th Ave. crossing at about 6 a.m. to see the westbound Streamliner train 101 and 103, the combined cities trains. I always wanted to ride on it.

Years later after retiring from the Army, I came to work for "Uncle Pete" in 1998 here in Boone, Iowa, and now I get to ride all the time. Dreams do come true.

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Passenger Trains, Working at UP
Kearney, NE-Boone, IA
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