California Vacation

by Elliott Harris

In the summer of 1965, my parents and I took a vacation trip to Southern California. We would be staying with relatives. We toured all the usual sites, ie; Disneyland, Marineland, and so forth. I had a great time. But the best part of the entire trip was the return home on the train. Now on the way out there, we rode in coach on a competing railroad(I won't mention which one that was). But our return trip was aboard Union Pacific with sleeping accomadations. For a kid who was only 13 at the time, this was heaven as I had a roomette all to myself. I even found the technology of the rooms real interesting, including the water dispenser and all the rest of the amenities. After we had boarded, the porter came to show me how everything worked, but being the nosy kid that I was, I had already figured everything out. I do not recall what I ate in the dining car, but I do remember everything being very good. Unfortunately, Imissed some of the mountain scenery as we passed through those areas at night. I do not now know which train I was actually on. But I do know I enjoyed every mile of it. It makes me want to take a long train trip again if it ever becomes possible.

Respectfully submitted

Elliott Harris

P.S. I do recall our porter's name. His nametag read L. Chocolate. (No fooling, that is what it said)

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Kansas City, MO-, CA
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  • I too "remember" just about EVERY MINUTE on my 3 :traintrip's:1ST ONE @age2, to Kirkwood, Mo. to see my aunt, on the Missouri Pacific; 2nd trip on "the afore-mentioned competetor" to see the premiere/taping 9/8/08 of "The Ellen DeGeneres show"-if that was'nt fun enough!-I think I truly had more fun on the train--but like you-I'm partial! Maybe she could "tape her show" on an old Union Pacific Heritage Fleet set-like the 844 0r 3985-Her show called me 9-19-11@5:20p-would'nt you know it:my Hostler hubby Tim (afternoon Hostler/ArmourdaleYard) & I were "somwhere"out in Kansas or Nebraska, returning from North Platte's Railfest, to see the 844!!-maybe I could get tickets for you too, Elliott& since we wer'nt home when they called me-they "gave-away my ticket's, but offered future show tickets-maybe, Elliott, & Union Pacific?"hint-hint"? that'll be our "trip"-& maybe this Tim will along for the ride w/us!!!My 3rd ride was a "qualifying short-ridew/Tim, to renew his license w/ a manager! I feel "qualified", too after 17yrs-being-married-to-the-Railroad"!!!Great story!, Elliott!!!

    - Susan Lary a few years ago